About Us

Contract Manufacturer of Sports & Health Supplements

Sports-ingredients.com has been founded to be a contract manufacturer of sports & health supplements in 2011 to set a new tone in our industry. As a contract manufacturer of sports and health supplements we are able to produce custom made formulations and we also sell a standard range of raw materials, capsules, tablets and softgels out of stock.

Supplier of Bulk raw materials, capsules, tablets and softgels

We want to serve the industry with innovative products and ingredients while keeping a keen eye on flexibility and speed. We understand that launching a new product takes time and can cost a lot of money, therefore we have the possibility to supply you – next to custom made formulas – our standard range of products from stock. Our standard range of products can be supplied fast throughout Europe.

Manufacturing of VLCD and Protein based products

Our latest developments are VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) and protein based mixes for slimming, weight management and meal replacement for active people. We have developed some great tasting shakes and soups, also suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, which can be launched under your brand.

Manufacturing of Energy Gels and Bars

In close collaboration with our partner, we are able to offer energy gels and protein bars in flexible quantities.

Let us know what we can do to serve you as your supplier and contract manufacturer of sports & health supplements. Let’s exchange ideas!

Contract manufacturer of Sports Nutrition and Sports supplements. Our philosophy allows us to meet substantial global demand for both low and high volumes and also provide competitive lead times.

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