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As per a recent study conducted by the American Diabetes Association, more than 69% of America’s adults consume Sports & Health Supplements at some point in their lives. They come in different forms; tablets, capsules, powders, health drinks and protein bars. Some of the most popular supplements available today are

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Probiotics
  • Fish oil
  • Omega 3 acid
  • Calcium
  • Iron etc

So what are the things to look for before buying a sports and health tablet supplement? What are the precautions that you need to take? And most importantly, how do you know whether it is safe for you to take it? You need to attempt these questions before you start taking these tablets.

Let us start with the last question first. Our body requires a regular supply of certain nutrients and proteins which it receives from the food we eat. In some cases, it happens so that your body may not receive certain mineral supplements in the required quantity. Therefore, it is important that you consume tablets that will provide you the supplements that are otherwise missing in your diet. It is also important that you do not consume supplements through tablets that your body does not require. Even excess of supplements can cause adverse effects.

In no case should these dietary supplements be treated as a substitute for actual food. Other than providing the body with essential minerals, food also contains natural ingredients that are vital for good health.

These health supplements are likely to cause side effects to the user when combined with other medications or when these tablets contain certain ingredients that are allergic to the patient. It is also not advisable to combine supplements of various companies together since there might be certain ingredients that may cause side effects when consumed together. You should also keep in mind that you should avoid consuming too much nutrients of a particular quality since this can alter the balance in your body.

Then there are people for whom it is not at all safe to consume sports and health nutrients due to their medical conditions. For instance, doctors worldwide strictly prohibit pregnant women from consuming any sort of nutrition tablet. The same applies for infants and people suffering from heart diseases. Again, we would like to stress the importance of obtaining professional opinion before you start on supplement tablets.

The best way to determine which nutrient and the quantity to consume is to talk to a dietician and a doctor. They will be able to provide you with the right information as to what and how much to consume. Equally important is the brand of tablet that you take. There are tons of health supplements out there and picking a good one from the lot is quite difficult. This is why it is important that you go with trustworthy brands that have been in the market for quite some time now.

You can use the internet as an ideal place to do your research. There are various blogs and forums dedicated to sports and health nutrient and discuss various products at length. You are sure to find reviews and opinions written by people who have actually used such products. The Food and Drug Administration has a comprehensive database of dietary supplements, health nutrients etc that have passed quality checks and are safe to consume. It is highly advisable that you go through the list before you make a decision.

We make it a point to source all our raw materials from trusted sources. Our manufacturing units employ state of the art technology and have certified quality standards. This ensures that there is no contamination of ingredients at any stage of the operation. We have an internationally acknowledged processing and labeling process as well.

Keeping in mind the specific requirement of our clients, we offer a highly customizable business model. As required, we can product custom made formulations and even provide bulk orders for a certain formulation. If there is a certain quality that you would like to be added to the product, that too can be done, provided it falls within the ambit of acceptable formulations. If you are a company with not much expertise in formulating products and hence want to concentrate only on the marketing part, we can help you with the R&D and formulation of the product based on your target audience and requirement. We make it a point to be as flexible as possible to cater to the demands of our clients in a very satisfactory manner.


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