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The sports & health supplement industry is today worth $50 billion in the United States alone, and this is just the official figures. Take into account the numerous phony manufacturers who concoct mixtures and sell it off as health drinks and the figure could be much higher. This situation calls in for stringent measures to track these products right from their source and make it compulsory by law to list all the ingredients that goes into the supplements. We realize the responsibility on our shoulders when we say we provide sports & health supplements and we take comfort in the knowledge that all our raw materials are sourced directly from the manufacturers and whenever possible, from the farmers themselves.

Taking into account the fact that the requirements of consumers vary, there is no point in having just packaged products and claiming it will work for all. This is why we offer our consumers the unique chance to customize their own blends. All they need to do is provide us with the ingredients they would like in the product and we will do the rest.

One disturbing trend that we have observed is that people have confused the sports nutrition and health supplements with performance enhancing products. The latter is mostly a hormonal product pumped with steroids which is quite harmful to the consumer in the long run; not to mention that the use of such products has been banned in most countries. Sports & health supplements is entirely different from such products in the facts that all raw materials that goes into making them are safe, natural and legally accepted in all countries.    

We make it a point to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and break-through in the industry and take pride in the fact that we are often at the forefront of such innovations. Our research & development teams have developed quite a lot supplements that can be used by people of all age-groups and conditions. We also have tie-ups with various manufacturers wherein we formulate customized health drinks and supplements to cater to their target audience.

 Some of our most sought-after raw materials are

High manufacturing standards:

Although there are no universally acknowledged standards when it comes to sports and health supplements, there are industry accepted raw materials that goes in to formulating those. Standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001means a lot to clients because it means that the manufacturing process adheres to certain recommended industry standards. Records are maintained at every stage of manufacture, right from the sourcing of raw materials. Where they are sourced from, when, how and why all form crucial cogs in the documentation wheel, thereby offering a much needed clarity to the whole process, which is important for manufacturers to build a reliable brand name. We make sure that our manufacturing processes adhere to all accepted industry standards, thus giving our customers the confidence to entrust us with formulating their customized blends.

Sports and health supplements come in a wide variety of forms like energy drinks, protein powders, energy bars, powdered foods etc. Some may contain traces of gluten which cannot be consumed by people who are allergic to it. Therefore, as per the request of our clients, we can formulate another blend, replacing gluten with something else that is equally good.

One product that has been selling like hot cakes for us has been customized amino acid blends. We all know that amino acids are the building blocks of a healthy body. There has been various studies conducted worldwide to ascertain the role amino acids play in improving health and fitness, and the results has been positive. No matter what energy drink or sports nutrient you are looking for, the presence of amino acids in them is a given. A lot can depend on the type of manufacturing standard you employ in producing amino acid.

Another popular product is the weight loss supplements. With the number of obesity patients flying through the roof, this industry has witnessed an unprecedented increase in the sale of weight loss supplements. Our customized blends are formulated in such a way as to inject more antioxidants to the body, thereby increasing the rate of metabolism which means more fat burned. Again, the raw materials and composition can be customized as per the requirement of our clients, thereby making us the natural partners for anyone with a keen eye for high standards.


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