Product Description

Product name:        Whey Protein Isolate

CAS number:        9013-90-5


Whey protein isolate or whey isolate is one of the major food ingredient and dietary supplement. It is created through the separation of various components from milk. Basically, the whey is nothing but a by-product created as a result of the cheese making procedure.

You can process the whey to get whey protein into three major forms – whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolysed. There is a huge amount of difference among the different whey prteoins in terms of composition and the content present in the protein. Do you know that whey isolate has got the highest percentage of pure protein? It is so pure that it is c+onsidered as lactose-free, fat-free, carbohydrate free and even cholesterol free.

Besides being highly bioavailable, the whey protein isolate can be easily and immediately absorbed by the human body. Furthermore, it has a high amount of concentrated branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). This particular component is present in muscle tissue and can be considered as the fuel for the muscles and helps in stimulating the protein synthesis.

Why should you use it?

The Whey Protein Isolate is quite famous among athletes nowadays, as it has the ability to get digested fast. Also, it helps in bringing back the worked-out body from the catabolic (muscle-draining) state to a muscle-building (anabolic) state.

Furthermore, this particular protein is even for making infant formula. Since it can get a natural source of amino acids, it leads to optimal development and growth. Plus it can be used for protein fortification of health bars, dairy products, beverages, extruded snacks, and cereals are some of the major foods that you can try.

There are various evidence to show that the Whey Protein Isolate helps in fighting blood pressure, depression, blood sugar level. Even certain physicians are doing to research to find out whether the Whey protein can help in treating symptoms of cancer and HIV,

Also, the Whey Protein helps in creating blocks in terms of amino acid. This serves as one of the major building blocks for increasing and developing muscles. Even there are certain researches that state that the Whey Protein supplement helps in increasing the amount of anabolic hormones.

This even helps in stimulating the growth of muscles and even the adding of insulin. Compared to other proteins it is easy to use and has a high amount of concentrated amino acid called leucine. This helps in stimulating the protein synthesis of the muscles in terms of genetic and molecular level.

Who should use it?

Some of the best features of the whey protein supplement are that it helps in the digestion and metabolism of athletes and sportsperson. Studies have shown that it can increase the metabolism from 80 to about 100 calories every day. For this people must eat up to 441 calories each day. Also, people who are on the lookout of reducing weight must increase the intake of protein.

Even there are research works which show that replacing various other sources of calories with other brands of Whey Protein Isolate is the customized one containing full whey protein. This has to be combined with other exercises used while weight lifting, intensified

Even there are suggestions done that by replacing unwanted sources of calories, you can find  the best and high-quality ones. The similar ones are the whey concentrated supplement which makes it easy for any individual who is interested doing weight lifting and weight loss after 5 pounds along with increasing mass muscles.

Know its variants

Currently, you can get the Whey Protein Isolate in various forms like protein beverages, protein bars and various other kinds of nutritional food items.


With regard to dosages, it is recommended to take one to two scoops (which is about 25 to 50 grams) everyday. This must be taken after workouts. Also, it is important to follow the instructions given by doctors or physicians. Make sure to keep in mind that the protein intake can be sometimes high, and when you add whey contentrated supplement it can make it unnecessary in certain days.

Best Results

Currently, there are no proper studies to show the best results of using the Whey Protein Isolate. Some say to have it after workouts while other feel that you can have it before hitting the sack. Also, the whey protein will not have an impact on the healthy kidneys and lungs. But people who are suffering from kidney and lungs disease might need to avoid it.


Proteins are the significant diet for the human body. In the past decade, there has been an increase in the amount of Whey Protein Isolate supplements that bodybuilders and sports persons are using. However, not many of the supplements of proteins available are legitimate and one needs to know what are the contents and benefits before using. So, to know more and to get the perfect and best quality protein, check our website. You can get the list of various whey protein that can make you healthy and active.