Product Description

Product name:      Whey Protein Concentrate

CAS number:       91082-88-1


One of the cheapest and the major form of whey protein is the Whey Protein Concentrate. It is the byproduct received from the production of cheese. Basically, whey protein is used as bodybuilding supplement and is often consumed by athletes and bodybuilders to increase their protein intake, along with the aim to maximize the hypertrophy of muscles.

You get Whey Protein Concentrate in three forms – isolate WPI, concentrate WPC and the hydrolysate WPH. Basically. whey refers to the complex protein that is composed of tiny protein subfractions like alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, glycomacropeptides, immunoglobulins (IgGs), minor peptides and bovine serum albumin (BSA). Each of the subfractions that one gets from whey has a unique and own biological property.

Why should you use it?

Whey Protein Concentrate has become one of the major staple supplements of many bodybuilders and sports persons. Also, recently whey got the attention of the longevity and anti-aging minded individuals for its best effects on immunity.

There are various studies to support that whey protein helps in reducing the percentage of cancer, fighting HIV, reducing stress, improving immunity, improving liver functions for people suffering from hepatitis, increasing the levels of the brain serotonin, improve performance and more.

Furthermore, whey has one of the best and high biological value ratings along with having a high BCCA content. One of the major reasons why sports persons use it is because it has the ability to raise glutathione (GSH). This so-called GSH helps in the proper functioning of the immune system and is considered to be one of the most water-soluble antioxidants that is present in the human body.

Who should use it?

While training, many athletics and sports persons like to preserve their muscles and lose excess fat. A study was conducted in Minnesota, where certain subjects were given whey protein along with the daily intake of calories. For other subjects, they were given isocaloric mixed beverage. Now people who took whey lost a huge amount of body fat and were able to preserve their muscles.

Some weightlifters like to reduce hunger especially after doing a heavy workout or while doing one. The best part of using whey protein is that it helps in reducing hunger and developing a ball-shaped physique. Various studies showed that people who consumed whey supplements in the liquid format were able to drastically reduce their ghrelin level. So, instead of munching on a party snack, you can go for a protein shake filled with whey protein supplement.

Another interesting aspect of using whey protein is that it is often used by people who want to improve their immune system. Athletes who do strenuous aerobic activities are often subjected to the deficiency of glutathione. This has a drastic impact on various organs like gastrointestinal, nervous, and even the immune system. With the regular dosage of whey protein, people can get relief from the glutathione shortage.

Know its variants

Whey Protein Concentrate is available in three major forms –  isolate WPI, concentrate WPC, and lastly hydrolysate (WPH).


Now the amount of whey protein which you need to consume depends on one’s individual and daily protein goals. For example, if you are an active person or an athlete, who wants to lose a huge amount of body weight and preserve the lean muscles, then you need to take 1.5 to 2.2g for each kg.

But if you are a highly active person or an athlete who wants to lose body fat and preserve the lean mass, then the daily intake of the protein must be about 1.0 to 1.5g for each kg of body weight.

Best Results

To get the best results, you can use Whey Protein in the morning, after pre-workout and even post workout. Most of the doctors advise consuming proteins in the morning because, the glycogen store is very much low at night. Because of this, the body is forced to convert the amino acid to power metabolic items. Also during pre-workout, whey protein shakes are quite necessary for creating a good and positive nitrogen balance for the body.

The most important time for an athlete to take whey protein is post workout. As athletes put their muscles under a lot of stress after a workout, they need a good amount of nutrients for repairing and re-growth.


Compared to other proteins, the Whey Protein Concentrate supplement is much effective. However, this usage and effectiveness can simply vary to a great extent. The major reason on what limits the factor for the Whey Protein to lack the basic nutrients is how these companies create one and the ingredients they add to it. Of you are looking for best quality whey protein, then just click here.