Product Description

Product name:         Wheat Protein, vegetarian

CAS number:         94350-06-8


Wheat protein vegetarian is one of the best dietary supplements. This is low in carbohydrates and fat but rich in proteins. Commonly, the wheat protein is considered to be a popular sports nutrition supplement. Most of the sports persons and bodybuilders use it. Even strength-training athletes use it as the high concentration of proteins help in the development of the muscle growth.

However, it is better if you check with your physician or doctor before using the wheat supplement. Do you know that wheat protein supplement can be an alternative to most of the popular brands of proteins? Unlike the whey, the wheat protein vegetarian supplement is not created from diary items. So, it will not have any diary sugar or lactose.

People suffering from lactose intolerant can use the wheat supplement as they can avoid cramps, bloating, diarrhea and nausea which are the most common symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Why should you use it?

The best part of using wheat protein vegetarian is that it has abundance source of protein and is the perfect formula for people who are on the weight-loss. Also, this protein is often used by bodybuilders as it has one of the highest levels of glutamine or glutamic acid. This is more than casein and whey protein.

So, the wheat protein supplement is quite attractive and best for people who are on the quest to get muscles. Most of the athletes and sports persons take wheat protein shakes post workout to compensate for the energy lost while working out. Also, most of the proteins contain digestive enzymes. This helps in easy digestion and absorbing food in more efficient manner.

Who should use it

Do you know that women commonly use wheat protein vegetarian supplement? Most of the female sportsperson and athletes use it to gain less weight. As per a study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that high intake of wheat protein supplement helped a group of female subjects to lose weight in a matter of 6 months. Their weight was drastically reduced even thought they consumed other high-fiber and whole grain foods.

Some athletes suffer from metabolic syndrome. They need to stay trim as well as gain the required amount of muscles.  Also, some people who suffer from type 2 diabetes can use wheat protein as it has a huge resource of magnesium. This mineral is a simple co-factor which has more than 300 enzymes, and these enzymes are often used in the body to create glucose and create insulin.

Furthermore, the wheat protein supplement helps in reducing chronic inflammation. There are various studies which support that sportspersons whose diet consists of the average intake of choline and metabolite betaine get a high amount of chronic inflammation. These individuals took wheat protein contents and in a matter of months, the chronic inflammation got reduced by 20%.

Know its variants

Some of the basic variants of the pure wheat supplement are monomeric gluten protein and polymeric gluten protein.


Now the common question people ask is,  how much protein do athletes and sportspersons need to have? Among the various research carried out, it was stated that endurance athletes who are following heavy training will need more proteins than recreational athletes. Currently, endurance athletes will need to take about 100-112 grams of wheat proteins each day. The calculation is based on 2/3 to 3/4 grams per the pound of the body weight.

So, it means that an athlete or sportsperson who is in the 165-pound category i.e. about 75 kg must consume 128 grams of protein each day. Since he or she is in strict training, each time the muscles need energy and required energy to strengthen and develop its fiber.

 Best Results

As per most of the dieticians and health experts, it is better if one takes wheat protein vegetarian supplement before bed. Most of the time at night, people spend several hours without food. Now with the presences of limited nutrients, it becomes difficult for the muscles to convert the required energy or repair itself as there is a lack of nutrients.

In such case, the muscle will be forced to convert the amino acid to start the metabolic process. So, it is recommended having a regular protein shake before hitting the sack. This prevents the muscles from going to a catabolic state.


Many athletes and sportsperson need to have the required diet and stamina. Some of them opt for natural procedures of consuming high-fiber and nutritious food. That’s great but at times; these foods may not have the required nutrients. So, they end up taking diet supplements and drinks filled with essential nutrients.

The importance of wheat protein vegetarian supplement is not limited to bodybuilders and sportspersons. Even common people can use it. To know more about the best wheat proteins and to check out the various supplements, simply look at our website. We are one of the best sports and diet supplement suppliers who provide the required nutrients to make you healthy and have a happy life.