Product Description

Product name:      Taurine

CAS number:      107-35-7

Chemical Formula:      NH2CH2CH2SO3H


Taurine is basically an amino acid compound that has become quite popular with body building enthusiasts over the years. it is known that this compound does not have any direct impact on muscle building, but its role in strengthening the muscles and increasing muscle mass is well documented.

Taurine plays an equally important role in enhancing the endurance of your muscles and tissues, thereby allowing you to stretch your limits every now and then. This opens the path for more rigorous work out sessions, which aids body building.

Why should you use it?

There are people who work out till they fall dead or adhere to a strict diet and are left craving for some guilt-free food all the time. No matter what they do, they simply are not able to increase the body mass or build their muscles. Maybe all they need is the right muscle building supplement to provide their body what it is missing.

Smart body builders place equal importance on their exercise regime and the food / supplements they consume. They realize that it is not realistic to expect our daily diet to provide everything that the body requires in the right amounts to build muscles. Something or the other might be missing or may not be in adequate quantity. The only way to make up for this is by taking a high quality body building health supplement.

Who should use it?

One thing that all body builders and athletes crave for from a health supplement is that quick shot of energy that lets them carry on for another 15 minutes. These are precious minutes because the muscles are flexed and fat is being burned at an extremely fast pace. However, the real purpose of a good quality health supplement should not be restricted to giving these stimulant shots. It should provide a sustained flow of energy allowing the user to complete the workout with equal vigor throughout.

Sports supplements containing Taurine have an excellent effect on body builders when taken before the work out sessions. It loosens up the muscles nicely; reducing the effort required to contract and flex the muscles. This will invariably result in a larger muscle mass and toned physique.

Know its variants

There are numerous amino acid compounds and bases that are widely in used when it comes to sports and muscle building supplements. Most of these have the same function of building body mass, but there are a few like Taurine who has an indirect effect on body building. Proteins are the building blocks of the body, whereas Taurine can enhance the endurance and strength of built up muscles.

This can also result in considerable fat loss, because more the endurance of your muscles, the longer you can work out. By combining regular intake of supplements containing Taurine with exercise and a healthy, anyone can shed fat and build a really muscular body.


Although the dosages of various amino acids may vary, the recommended dosage when it comes to Taurine is about 1 to 3 gm per day. Ideally, it should be taken half an hour before the work out session.

Best Results

To reap the maximum benefit from Taurine supplements, ensure that it is consumed before the exercise. This will ensure that by the time you reach the peak of your training session, your body muscles will be adequately flexed and capable of enduring a longer workout session.

There have been comprehensive studies that compare the fat burning properties and muscle building properties of Taurine supplements when taken before and after a workout session. As per latest studies, there is a marked difference of over 30% between the both. Therefore, if your ultimate aim is to build a lean muscular body, you simply got to take the Taurine before you initiate the work out.


All said and done, Taurine has excellent benefits for athletes and body builders when administered correctly. Other than sticking to proper dosage and method of consumption, one should also ensure that the Taurine supplement that they have is of superior quality. The market is flooded with low quality supplements which not only produces the desired results, but also can harmful side effects in the long run. Unfortunately, there are no checks to prevent the flow of such products into the market and therefore, every individual should employ appropriate caution. If you are looking for premium quality health supplements containing Taurine that can provide all the benefits it promises, please visit here.