Product Description

Product name:      Soy Protein, vegetarian

CAS number:      9010-10-0


There is a general confusion surrounding soy-based food in general. Some hail Soy Protein as the best thing that has ever happened as far as vegetarian diets are considered. On the other hand, some are skeptical as to what the actual benefits of this product are. Here, we will attempt to separate the facts from the myth and help a body builder decide whether to take this or not.

One common misinformation that is rampant among people is that Soy Protein triggers the production of estrogen, which has a negative effect if you are trying to build muscles. However, just like a lot of information available on the web, this is colossally incorrect. Soy protein is often stacked up against whey protein when a comparison of protein supplementation is made. While the latter has quickly gone on to become the primary choice for any body building supplement, the positive effects of Soy Protein are not too far behind to be left out completely.

Why should you use it?

The biggest advantage of using Soy Protein is that it aids muscle growth.  This has been indisputably proved in various studies conducted worldwide. We all know that proteins are the building blocks of the body and are the base for muscle building. People who consume meat and eggs regularly get a sufficient quantity of protein from their regular diet. However, the same cannot be said about vegetarians. They have to depend on alternate sources to enhance their body protein levels. This is where Soy Protein can turn the table in your favor. It is a proven source of rich protein and hence can easily be included in your daily diet.

In fact studies, have shown that Soy Protein can enhance the production of testosterone, the male hormone, which in turn can improve your muscle mass and help you build your muscles.

Who should use it?

People are often misled to believe that only whey protein can enhance your muscles and hence you should be used in muscle building supplements. However, this cannot be further from the truth. Every single study that has efficiently compared whey protein with Soy Protein has come invariably to the conclusion that their muscle building properties are somewhat alike, with no clear favorites in the comparison. Just because whey protein was introduced to us earlier doesn’t mean it should be our primary choice.

This is easy to understand that both these variants contain equal amount of protein. When both these supplements supply equal protein to the body, how can one aid muscle building more than the other? Therefore, anyone who is serious about body building should give Soy Protein more attention than they normally do.

Know its variants

As we all know, there are numerous variants of protein available today. Most of the body building sports supplements contains protein as its primary base. While whey protein has become some sort of a bench mark for sports supplements over the years, Soy Protein is quickly gaining grounds due to its excellent benefits that can no longer be ignored.


The best way to consume Soy Protein is through soya milk which is available quite easily these days. As per recent studies, soya milk contains up to 8 grams per cup of serving. No matter which soya-based food you prefer, make sure you read the ingredients list carefully. If you are a vegetarian enthusiastic about body building, you should naturally go for one that has the maximum protein content.

Although, there is no universally accepted dosage for taking Soy Protein, you can draw a parallel with your regular whey protein consumption and take accordingly. It is not a good idea to judge by brands, because most of them have varying protein, fiber and carbohydrate levels.

Best Results

To reap the best out of Soy Protein, make sure you take a soya based product that has the maximum percentage of protein in it. You may have to research a bit to identify it, but it will be totally worth it. In most cases, soya milk would be your best shot, but still, have your options open.


Despite the numerous negative campaigns stacked against it, the advantages and benefits of health supplements containing Soy Protein are becoming more and more clear these days. There has been a rise in demand for such products, both online and offline. If you are interested in buying high quality, original Soy Protein, you may want to visit here. We offer various soya based foods with varying protein content. You may choose one that suits your requirement in the best possible way.