Product Description

Product name:     Pea Protein

CAS number:     222400-29-5


For an alternative source of protein, some people consume protein rich food. But there are other who go for the Pea Protein Vegetarian supplement. This Pea Protein Vegetarian medication is a delicious alternative to the protein for vegans or people who follow restricted diets. It is similar to soy-free, gluten-free and diary-free supplements. Just like the brown rice protein, it gives a variety of benefits in term of fitness and health.

Even though the Pea Protein Vegetarian powder is not among the current three supplements, still experts feel that it can drastically increase its popularity in the coming years. This is because there is a huge surge in the number of people who are health-conscious. Also, they have a great desire to go for a plant-based or plant-rich diet.

Why should you use it?

One of the major reason on why you need to use the Pea Protein Vegetarian is it helps in weight loss. Just like all the good proteins, the Pea Protein Vegetarian is one of the handy tools which you can use in your arsenal for weight loss.

This is especially if you are on the lookout for losing weight quickly, and it is one of the best ways to introduce proteins into one’s diet. Most of the time, people who try to lose weight end up neglecting their protein intake. So, it means that they never lose any weight.

Another basic advantage of Pea Protein Vegetarian is that it is not only good for your weight but there are proven studies which state that it helps in making heart healthy. Studies conducted by Candian scientist on rats found that they had a decrease of 20% in blood pressure within eight weeks of the treatment.

Certain doctors have stated that the Pea Protein Vegetarian can help in reducing the risk of kidney disease. A study was conducted in Canada, where it was proven by certain doctors that pea protein helps in reducing the high blood pressure and also the risk involved in kidney malfunction.

Who should use it?

People who aspire to become fit and healthy must use the Pea Protein Vegetarian supplement. There are studies which have proven that consuming pea protein powder can help in activating the hormones to your body. This is something which keeps you full among meals. Some even take it as juice or health drink which can be replaced as a meal or among people who want to lose weight. Furthermore, the Pea Protein Vegetarian is quite low in carbohydrates.

Also, those people who are gluten tolerant or want to avoid eating it for any reason, then the Pea Protein Vegetarian is the perfect choice for you. Each spoon of the Pea Protein supplement is  gluten free and is packed with muscle building and healthy proteins.

Know its variants

Among other proteins available in the market, the Pea Protein supplement is available in a variety of forms. The most common one is the brown rice protein, whey protein, and soy. While the brown and whey rice protein brings in a huge amount of benefits, but both of them are very much useful in their own way.

On the other hand, some people feel that you can skip using the soy protein form of Pea Protein Vegetarian as it has a high amount of phytoestrogens and many of the soy used in the US are genetically designed and engineered.


A single 33 or more gram of Pea Protein Vegetarian which is commercially available in the pure form contains about 120 calories. This is roughly about 4 ½ tablespoon. So, basically, it contains 1 gram of carbohydrates and somewhat 24 grams of proteins. Here this particular form of protein is one of the major sources of minerals and vitamins, which includes the calcium and iron.

There are certain brands of Pea Protein Vegetarian supplement which have a high amount of sodium and comes to about 330 milligrams per each scoop.

Best Results

There are various exercise physiologist and nutritionist who state that an average human being must consume about 0.6 to 1.5 grams of protein each day and that too as per the body weight. But there are various factors that one needs to consider while calculating the best and correct amount of proteins which one needs to ingest every day.

Also to get the best results and to ensure that you are consuming the right dosage, there are certain criteria to be followed. Factors like age, gender, exercising intensity and fitness goals are somethings that you have to watch out for.


Now it can be quite confusing and even overwhelming when you think about the amount of proteins that one must consume. But to make it simple as possible, you must start off by consuming about 0.5 to 1 gram of Pea Protein supplement for each pound of weight you are.