Product Description

Product name:       Micellar Cassein

CAS number:       9000-71-9


Casein is a common protein found in mammalian milk. It makes up 70%-80% of the proteins of the cow milk and between 25% -48% of the proteins of the human milk. This kind of protein has a wide variety of uses. Right from being a major component of cheese, to an excellent food additive, to a binder for safety matches. As one of the best food sources, the casein provides carbohydrates, amino acids, and the basic form of inorganic elements such as calcium and phosphorus.

Various Casein protein such as whey, is available from the milk of cow. It accounts for roughly 80 percent of milk’s total protein content, with whey constituting the other 20 percent. Casein is insoluble, which means it’s the solid protein in milk.

Why should you use it

Whenever you’re going on a lower calorie diet, one of the first issues that will become a growing concern is lean muscle mass loss. Since you will not be supplying enough calories to fully support all the energy needs required throughout the day, you’re forcing your body to turn to stored body tissues for energy.

Since casein protein is considered as one of the best forms of protein having higher calcium content, it even proves to be a benefit in terms of total fat loss. Many individuals are quick to turn away from dairy products while attempting to lose body fat because they feel it will slow them down.

This is completely opposite from the truth.

Casein protein powder will help you accomplish both goals of having a higher calcium intake as well as boosting your protein intake, allowing you to maximize your fat loss benefits.

As casein is so slow acting, some people might feel that it is not useful as a post-workout protein. The major reason for this is because the muscles need to get immediate benefit of the muscle repair as soon as the exercise is over. It’s recommended to use casein at bedtime. When you sleep, the muscles have the biggest opportunity to get repaired and casein can assist in repairing all throughout the night.

Who should use it?

Casein can be used by individuals who are looking to increase the overall daily protein intake. It’s incredibly useful for those who are kind of allergic to protein sources like whey or eggs.

In addition, the ratio of protein along with glass of milk is about 80% casein and 20% whey. This gives a great amount of optimal composition of essential nutrients for people doing post-workouts and helps in keeping the energy level up. Also people who are putting their body on high physiological stress can use casein as it has got different amino acid. Furthermore, during endurance exercise, the body requires glutamine from sources outside the body.

Know its variants

The caseins present in cow milk contain different forms, with cow milk typically containing one of two types of beta cassein. A study, published in the “Journal of Applied Genetics” in 2007, informs that, depending on an individual cow’s genetic profile, the milk produced will contain either A1-beta caseins or A2-beta caseins.

Goat’s milk typically contains very low levels of Alpha-S1 casein, a type of protein considered difficult to digest. Low Alpha-S1 casein levels lead to a lower curd tension in goat’s milk than in cow milk — the relatively light and small curd in goat milk may be relatively easy to digest.

Also a study published in the August 1999 issue of the journal “Clinical and Experimental Allergy” indicates that certain individuals may be sensitive or allergic to sheep caseins. The experiment involved skin-prick tests using sheep, goat and cow milk, casein and cheese.


If you’re consuming casein alone, it can be beneficial to have a huge dose to try and maximize anabolism. I’d recommend 40 to 50 grams of casein protein (if consumed alone) for a 200-pound muscle-building male who wants to maximize the muscle-building response

Best Results

For getting best results, many people need to prefer to consume casein during the night with the thought that consuming a slow-digesting protein will help stave off catabolism (muscle breakdown). While there is little research examining the use of casein overnight, it has been shown to reduce protein breakdown and thus may be useful in such situations.


Previously, cassein protein usually works as the graveyard shift. People hit the sack, as it works overnight, and then it fades from view as whey takes center stage. But, not anymore.

Use cassein when you need a slow-digesting and best protein source. Make sure to use it to keep you satiated and your muscle satisfied. Try to muscles it with whey for the best of both worlds. In short you must try to consult your doctor or physician.

Currently the cassein is the best protein and something that you ought to try out for.