Product Description

Product name:  Maltodextrine

CAS number:  905036-6

Chemical formula:  C6H10O5


Unlike the simple carbohydrates like monosaccharides and disaccharides that may add more pounds to the human body, Maltodextrine is a complex carbohydrate that is a rich source of carbohydrate and doesn’t come with the risk of weight gain.

Unlike other complex carbohydrates which are long chain molecules, Maltodextrine is relatively shorter. It is made primarily from potato starch, corn or rice. Similar to simple carbohydrates, Maltodextrine is also absorbed directly by the body, thus resulting in higher levels of insulin and blood sugar.   

Why should you use it?

Carbohydrates have been the preferred choice of energy for body builders and athletes since ages. Due to its wide availability and instant results on the human body, none of the other numerous sports supplements have come anywhere close to beating them. However, there is a huge variety of carbohydrates available in the market today and most of them have varying effects on the human body. So how do you know which one suits your need and which could be counterproductive?

Who should use it?

One of the main problems associated with consuming carbohydrates for more energy and muscles is the fact that you run a risk of putting on extra weight in the process. Maltodextrine works similar to other carbohydrates in the sense that it can be easily absorbed by the body and thereby increasing sugar and insulin levels, but that is where the similarity ends.

Since it is a complex carbohydrate, your stomach does not have the ability to break it down. Maltodextrine has to pass through the liver before it can be broken down. Therefore, it takes considerably longer than dextrose to be absorbed by the body and hence may be a tad slow for the benefits to kick in. however, this has another significant benefit to this. Since the metabolism associated with Maltodextrine is slower, the drop in insulin and sugar is much slower compared to dextrose and other simple carbohydrates. Slower rate of metabolism means there is less chance for it to be converted into fat, and hence the possibility of this resulting in weight gain is minimal when compared to other supplements containing carbohydrates.

Know its variants

The most common or popular carbohydrates when it comes to body building and sports performance are dextrose and Maltodextrine. Although the subject of which is better than the other has been widely contested, experts have reached a consensus in this regard and found that a combination of the two is often better than taking them individually. By combining them, you can have the benefits of both these carbohydrates minus the fat gain risk you run when you consume dextrose alone.


Since it is a complex carbohydrate consumed strictly for performance factors, the exact dosage entirely depends on the individual concerned. Few factors that may affect the dosage are body metabolism, dietary intake of carbohydrates, duration and intensity of workout sessions, other supplements that are consumed and so on.

Taking Maltodextrine before a workout session can make for slower, but even digestion and gradual release of energy which will take you through the rigorous training sessions. This is in stark contrast to dextrose and other sugars which give a quick bout of energy release and then dies down. What performance trainers look for in a sports supplement is the ability to provide a sustained release of energy, keeping away tiredness and allowing one to extent their workout sessions.

Best Results

For best results, you may combine dextrose and Maltodextrine in equal proportions. This way, you can have the best of both worlds, minus the side effects of dextrose. However, you may want to consult a physician to analyze your carbohydrate need, current diet and recommended dosage. Ideally, this combination can be taken post work out as this is when your body will need those bouts of quick energy or insulin shot.

One should ensure that in a bid to fight fatigue, you do not consume excess carbohydrates since this has the potential to cause adverse effects. Always stick to the recommended dosage for best results.


Although there have been new findings and new combinations that makes Maltodextrine a bit obsolete, the charm of this complex carbohydrate never ceases to fade because of its no-nonsense benefits that body builders and athletes find too good to resist. If you are interested in buying Maltodextrine for your body building needs, you may please visit here. It is available in powder form as well as tablet form and can be ordered in bulk quantities, if you desire so.