Product Description

Product name:  L-Theanine

CAS number:  3081-61-6

Chemical formula:  C7H14N2O3


L-Theanine is a non-essential amino acid that is often found in      teas and is widely used for their ability to induce relaxation without the use of any sedatives. When taken in a recommended dosage, it is known to reduce stress as well. For the average person, the biggest benefit of using supplements containing L-Theanine lies in the fact that it can enhance the performance of the brain.

By definition it is a non essential amino acid. It is a common understanding that the role of amino acids is to synthesis proteins. Although it is true to an extent, not all amino acids serve the same function. For instance, L-Theanine has nothing to do with the synthesis of proteins in the human body. Its realm of activity is entirely different and unique.

Why should you use it?

Due to its ability to cross the blood brain barrier, L-Theanine can reduce physical and mental stress considerably. It is this ability that comes to the aid of body builders and athletes. They have reported considerable reduction in fatigue and muscle pain following an intake of L-Theanine prior to work out.

It can also boost the immunity of the body, thus protecting it from injuries and diseases. Its stress busting capability is perhaps the most significant of all its benefits. Due to this, supplements with L-Theanine are regularly used by individuals from all walks of life. A relaxed mind can pave the path for improved performance and focus. This can help an individual achieve his objective, be it body building or career growth.

Who should use it?

A significant benefit of L-Theanine is its ability to increase the level of Dopamine in the body. Dopamine is responsible for relaxing the mind and is generally produced in the brain when the individual is relaxed, having food or indulging in sexual activity. Therefore, by improving Dopamine levels, it induces the feel-good factor.

L-Theanine is also known for its ability to reduce cholesterol levels and thus aid in improving your cardiovascular health.

Know its variants

As mentioned above, L-Theanine is usually found in tea leaves, green tea leaves to be exact. A lot of us consume green tea due to its ability to induce weight loss. But not many know the other benefits of green tea resulting from the presence of L-Theanine in it. Many people have reported improvement in their mood post consuming green tea. This is because of the presence of L-Theanine. Other than improving the mood, it can also raise the alertness level in an individual.


Since the quantity of L-Theanine present in green tea or regular tea varies with the season and tea variety, it is difficult to put an actual number on the daily consumption of L-Theanine. Professional health care experts recommend that you need to maintain an average intake of around 150-200 mg daily to reap the benefits that L-Theanine can offer you. Therefore, if you are unsure of the quantity of L-Theanine in your tea or if it falls below this recommended dosage, it would be better if you start on a dietary supplement containing L-Theanine. You can always consult your physician to ascertain the exact dosage you should be taking and when.

Best Results

There have been numerous researches that suggested that L-Theanine can nourish the human brain, thus keeping away memory loss and related problems at bay. Coupled with this is the fact that it can be an effective mind relaxant, improve overall performance, ensure a good sleep and fight against conditions like depression and cholesterol. Considering all this, it is quite safe to say that L-Theanine is definitely worth every last appreciation it gets.

When you have a relaxed mind and a brain that is performing better, there is not much you cannot do. Athletes and body builders seem to benefit a lot from this amino acid because it keeps away fatigue and injuries that puts them at a disadvantage more often than not. By sticking to a regular intake of L-Theanine, they give themselves a really good shot at being the best in what they do.


When administered in the proper dosage, L-Theanine can ensure numerous benefits to the user. Some of them are simply too good to be ignored. This is one of the reasons why the sales of L-Theanine have skyrocketed in the past few years. Suppliers offering L-Theanine has mushroomed online as well as in the regular markets. You may seek the advice of your personal trainer or physician as to which brand of L-Theanine supplement you should be taking. However, to ensure that you are buying original, premium quality L-Theanine, please visit here.