Product Description

Product name:    L-Citrulline

CAS number:   372-75-8

Chemical formula:   C6H13N3O3


You must have read this heading numerous times. The internet is flooded with magic pills and natural health supplements that will turn you into a Greek God overnight. Chances are that you may already have tried some of these supplements without any success. So, let us clear the air at the very beginning. L-Citrulline is no magic drug. It will not give you a toned body overnight. However, if you are willing to be patient and adhere to your rigorous training sessions, regular intake of L-Citrulline increases the chances of you ending up with an incredible physique.

What is L-Citrulline? Of course, it is a protein, a non-essential protein to be exact. Which means that your body is not missing out on anything if you do not take this supplement. However, there are a few benefits associated with this non-essential protein that makes consuming it a highly attractive proposition for body builders and athletes alike.

Why should you use it?

L-Citrulline can optimize the blood flow to your muscles and tissues. It can control the accumulation of lactic acid in your muscles during exercise sessions. Now, let us understand why these benefits are critical to a body builder. By optimizing the flow of blood to the muscles and tissues, it ensures that all your body parts receives adequate amount of nutrients and proteins. The energy and nutrients in the body are evenly distributed. This means you have more energy to complete your work out sessions.

Who should use it?

Regular intake of L-Citrulline also allows your body to recover from injuries faster. We all know how harmful injuries could be. A few weeks away from the gym due to an injury can result in you losing all the benefits of your training. It makes it all the more difficult to start from scratch again. Thus, by arming your body with necessary supplements that will quicken the recovery process, you are giving yourself a better chance at building your body faster. Also, the optimized blood flow means your injured muscles and tissues receive the essential nutrients consistently.

The second advantage of consuming L-Citrulline is that it does not allow lactic acid to form in the muscles during intense work outs. We all know that this lactic acid build up is the primary reason for fatigue during exercises. By blocking / reducing the formation of lactic, L-Citrulline ensures that your training session is devoid of fatigue.

Know its variants

We all know that amino acids are the building blocks of our body. Muscles cannot form or develop without sufficient quantity of amino acids. But, can all amino acids aid in muscle building? Do they have some kind of side effect? Is it safe to consume them? If safe, how much can you take?

These are questions that you should clear before starting with a muscle building supplement. First of all, you need to identify the difference between the various amino acids. For instance, L-Citrulline is significantly different from other amino acids in the way it works and the kind of benefits it offer.


It was initially identified in water melon, hence the name Citrulline. Due to its incredible benefits, L-Citrulline is widely used as a dietary supplements by athletes and body builders. So how much L-Citrulline should you take regularly? As suggested by physicians and professionals, the ideal dosage of this multipurpose health supplement is 4000-5000 mg per day.  This can be consumed immediately before and after the training session.

Best Results

For best results, it is recommended that you break down your intake into two or three rather than taking it all at once. This will give your body sufficient time to process it. There are professionals that consume L-Citrulline before as well as after their exercise and they have benefited from it. However, one should not confuse performance with dosage. You cannot expect to increase body mass by merely consuming more L-Citrulline. You have to combine this dietary supplement with rigorous exercise sessions and a strict healthy diet.


If administered properly, L-Citrulline has many proven benefits that can be used for best results. It can increase your muscle mass, improve performance, quicken recovery from injury and reduce fatigue during training periods. However, for best results, make sure you buy your supplement from trusted sources. If you are interested in buying high quality muscle building supplements containing L-Citrulline, kindly visit here. It can really make a difference in people who are willing to work out regularly and adhere to this dietary supplement regularly.