Product Description

Product name:    L-Arginine Mono Hydrochloride

CAS number:  1119-34-2

Chemical formula:  C6H14N4O2 HCL


Arginine is one of the major non-essential amino acids. It is commonly used for various bodily functions. Basically, the Arginine HCL is nothing but a synthetically created form of arginine, combining the amino acids along with the hydrogen chloride molecule.

Currently, it is available in capsule and powder form. This particular medication is commonly used by athletes for increasing the blood flow and oxygen delivery while exercising. The hydrogen chloride is combined with the substance arginine for making the supplement palatable. Plus, it is enhanced so that it can be absorbed by the digestive system.

Why Should You Use It?

There is wide range of benefits in using the L-Arginine Mono Hydrochloride. Besides being one of the best performance enhancers for athletes, it has multiple usages. As per various doctors, the benefit of  L-Arginine Mono Hydrochloride is treatment of congestive heart failure, reduction of bladder inflammation, lowering the chest pain especially for people suffering from coronary artery disease. Also, it helps in the improving the functions of the kidney, treatment of erectile dysfunction, keeping a healthy body weight for individuals who are going through the muscle-wastage sickness like HIV.

Always make sure to consult your doctor before using L-Arginine Mono Hydrochloride for the treatment of any of the above conditions.

Who Should Use It?

Many people commonly use the L-Arginine Mono Hydrochloride for improving the functions of the kidney after the kidney transplant. Also, people who want to avoid common cold, suffering from high blood pressure at the time of pregnancy (pre-eclampsia), improving the immune system of the body, etc use it. Those athletics who aim at improving their performance and boosting their immune system can use this medication. Some use the L-Arginine for avoiding the inflammation of the digestive tracts among premature infants.

Know Its Variants

In recent years, various variants of L-Arginine Mono Hydrochloride have been introduced in the market. There are various claims stating that these variants have bigger potential than the plain I-arginine and even many of them.

Because of this, many individuals end up spending the night at the hospital because of the excessive dilation of the blood vessel. This occurs because of the unrestrained dosage of the artificial variants present in the I-arginine.

So, any person using any one of the brand new l-arginine related compounds need to know a little bit about their long-term effects and the level of the proper dosage.


The dosage of L-Arginine Mono Hydrochloride varies as per the disease. If it is congestive heart failure, the dose can range from 6 to 20 grams each day. While for chest pain that is related to coronary artery disease (also known as angina pectoris), the dosage is 3 to 6 grams, three times in a day and this has to continue for one month.

Now for avoiding the loss of the effective nitroglycerin and to relieve the pain in people, especially chest pain, you need to use 700 mg, four times in a day. And for people who are suffering from organic erectile dysfunction (ED), you need to take 5 grams each day. Opting for lower dosage will not be effective.

Best Results

For the best results and usage of L-arginine, you need to know its effectiveness. However, the effectiveness of arginine as growth hormone releaser is simply unpredictable. Yes! A huge amount of individual difference is present in terms of the effectiveness of the arginine as the growth hormone releaser. This effect then reduces drastically as one’s age increases.

For effective usage and controlling the sickness, one must not take arginine continuously. Instead of that, you need to follow a schedule such as four to five weeks of continuous usage. This has to be followed by a two to three weeks break.

Furthermore, the effect arginine has in releasing the growth hormone gets reduced if one consumes it after food. This will cause the various amino acids or the major amount of insulin to be present in the bloodstream with the arginine. That is the main reason why arginine must be taken in empty stomach.


Unlike other nonessential amino acids, the L-arginine plays a huge role in treating heart diseases. Various heart ailments that are caused due to blood clots, blockage of arterial plaque buildup, increasing the flow of blood from the coronary artery, and platelet clumping are treated using this drug. Of course, it is necessary that you consult your doctor or physician before going ahead with it. Many people make the mistake of popping pill without knowing whether their body can adjust to it or if it can reverse the required effects.