Product Description

Product name:  L-Arginine Base

CAS number:  74-79-3

Chemical formula:  H2NCNHNHCH2CH2CH2CHNH2COOH


L-Arginine (base) is one of the important and commonly used amino acids. Why is it considered essential is because the human body cannot create this particular nutrient and it is commonly obtained from the consumption of food.

Basically, this particular nutrient is used by the body when it is under constant duress or stress. Proteins  are one of the major components present in L-Arginine Base. This can pass through the brain and barrier. However, this is only possible if it is in free-form and supplement. Also, it can easily help in stimulating the release of the growth hormones through the anterior pituitary glands.

Interestingly, the L-Arginine Base is the precursor of the nitric oxide. So, it means that it is a free radical which simply affects the blood pressure and acts as one of the anti-coagulant. Some people have doubts regarding the L-Arginine Base supplement’s usage for post-heart attack symptoms.

Why Should You Use It?

There are multiple benefits of L-Arginine Base and it is involved with the functions of the human body. It is commonly used for healing wounds and even help in assisting the kidney to remove the various waste products from the body. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining the hormone and immune functions. Even there are studies which suggest that it helps in dilates and relaxes the arteries. Being a natural dietary supplement, a great amount of attention is garnered by L-Arginine Base. This is especially for the benefit of heart-related diseases.

Who Should Use It?

People who are suffering from constant chest pain (i.e. angina) can use the L-Arginine Base supplement. Consuming a regular dosage of L-Arginine Base will reduce the symptoms of heart diseases. It helps in improving the exercising tolerance, thereby improving the quality of life.

There are people who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and consume the L-Arginine Base. Studies and reports from doctors have shown that daily consumption of L-Arginine Base pill helps to increase the sexual libido among men and women.

Nowadays, people who are suffering from high blood pressure consume the L-Arginine Base daily. Various studies have shown that consumption of L-Arginine Base tablets can lower the blood pressure among healthy people, and for individuals having diabetes. Furthermore, premature infants suffering from inflammation of the digestive tract can use the L-Arginine Base medication.

Do you know that this supplement is effective for avoiding nitrate tolerance? Consuming 700 mg of the L-Arginine Base daily will avoid the nitrate tolerance among individuals who use nitroglycerin to cure chest pain.

Know Its Variants

There are various variants of the L-Arginine Base. And it is commonly found in animal and plant sources. Animal sources consist of diary products like ricotta, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, whey protein drinks; pork (which is in the form of ham and bacon); beef; poultry (like light meat turkey and chicken); gelatin, seafood, wild game (such as quail and pheasant), and more.

The plant source filled with L-Arginine Base consists of flour, wheat germ, buckwheat, lupins, oatmeals, buckwheat, peanuts, walnuts, nuts (like pecans, coconut, cashews, almond, walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, pine nut), chickpeas, seeds (pumpkin, hemp, sunflower, sesame), Phalaris canariensis, and cooked soybeans.


With regard to the dosage of the L-Arginine Base, it varies depending upon the sickness. For people who are suffering from congestive heart disease, they have to consume 6 to 18 grams each day and in three doses. People who have chest pain, which is related to the coronary heart ailment, must have 3-6 grams of L-Arginine Base three times each day and that too for a month.

Now, people who want to avoid the loss of the effectiveness of nitroglycerin, especially for the chest pain suffers, they must use 700 mg of the L-Arginine Base four times in a day. Also, people who are suffering from organic ED (erectile dysfunction), they need to consume 5 grams of the L-Arginine Base every day. If you take a lower dosage, it might not give the required results.

Best Results

An interesting thing to note down is that there is no recommended or best results conditions with regard to L-Arginine Base. This is because the human body creates enough L-Arginine Base. If you are taking as a supplement, then you need higher doses of the L-Arginine Base. This ranges to about 1200 mg each day and studies have shown it to be quite useful.


Currently, you can get various L-Arginine Base supplements and tablets online. This medication is indeed effective and life-savers. Most commonly, it is used by athletes for improving their performance. Unlike other medications, the L-Arginine Base is available in tablets as well as diet. However, it would be smart if one does a detail research and study before popping a L-Arginine Base pill or consuming a diet filled with healthy and sufficient L-Arginine Base.