Product Description

Product name:    Instant Oats


Instant oats has quickly grown to become one of the most preferred choices for sports enthusiasts and gym goes over the past few years. For anyone who wants to boost their performance on the ground or on the gym floor, powdered oats is a sure shot way to stay ahead of the others.

It is equally beneficial to the professional body builder / athlete and the average person who hits the gym twice or thrice in a week. The long term benefits of this sports supplement is simply too pronounced to be ignored.

Why should you use it?

If you are someone who regularly takes part in endurance exercises and often finds the process too tedious or is prone to fatigue attacks, your body definitely needs some extra energy. This is where Instant oats can be the game changer for you.

Let’s face it, the traditional oats is a pain to cook first thing in the morning. Added to this is the fact that most people do not enjoy the taste of the porridge thus prepared. This is why most Instant oats or health supplement manufacturers switched to powdered oats. They can be easily blended with the morning protein shake or health drinks.

If you think you can merely grind down your regular oats and mix them in a protein shake, you are mistaken. People who have tried that ended up with large chunks of unground oats, making the drink impossible to drink. Instant oats are milled from the finest oats, resulting in very fine powders and thus enabling it to be easily mixed in any drink. Health supplement manufacturers also add flavors to this powdered oats, thus making it a lot more fun to drink every morning before and after the work out.

Who should use it?

For those people who do not have the time to waste in preparing morning breakfast, the best way to go is opting for Instant oats. Since oats is essentially carbohydrates and proteins in powdered form, it can easily be absorbed by the body. It is easily digestible and a quick gulp of protein oats can give you a boost in energy in no time. This is essentially useful for people who tend to get tired during work out sessions. This increased energy levels makes it possible for them to sustain their performance throughout the work out session.

High performance sports and athletes are another group that can benefit tremendously from Instant oats. And for the average user, who occasionally goes for a sprint or to the gym, protein shakes mixed with Instant oats can be a sure shot way to stay healthy and energetic.

Know its variants

Instant oats or powdered oats share all the benefits of the regular oats in the sense that they are derived from the same family of low GI carbohydrates. Since they are in a powdered form, they can easily be mixed with a drink of choice and makes it less monotonous to consume. They are also rich in dietary fibre. This soluble fibre is proved to be very efficient in reducing cholesterol levels in blood. They are easily absorbed by the blood, thus eliminating the chances of fat accumulating in the blood vessels.


Instant oats is an excellent source of low GI carbohydrate and hence can be taken anytime during the day. It can be taken as part of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most people prefer combining it with a protein shake immediately before and after a workout session. This will ensure that your body has sustained energy levels during the exercise session.

Best Results

They are also a good option for people who wants to lose weight, since they give the sensation that the stomach is full. This will reduce your tendency to reach into a bag of chips every time you feel hungry. Since it is rich in fibre, it is good for digestion as well. For best results, include Instant oats regularly with your meals. It can also be taken individually and mixed with other shakes.


Instant oats is an excellent source of carbohydrates and instant energy that can come handy during heavy workout sessions. It is easily available in the market and can also be bought online. Visit here to get yourself original and premium quality Instant oats. Mix it with your energy drink or protein shake for best results and attain your target.