Product Description

Product name:      Inositol

CAS number:       87-89-8

Chemical formula: C6H12O6


Inositol is a simple carbohydrate, but cannot be labeled a sugar due to its content of B-Vitamins. It is mainly formed in the cell membranes. The main function of Inositol is the transportation of fat to various parts of the body. Thus, it plays a crucial role in the development of muscles and tissues. Inositol is often used in conjunction with other ingredients to provide better muscle development, brain functioning and weight loss.

When administered in the right amounts, Inositol powder can prevent the accumulation of fat molecules in certain parts of the body.

Why should you use it?

Studies have suggested that Inositol can lower the cholesterol level in the body. Due to its effect on neurotransmission, it is widely known to treat depression and other neuro-complications. It also plays a crucial role in taking fat molecules to different parts of the body. By regulating Inositol, it is possible to ensure even distribution of fat throughout the body, thus eliminating the possibility of fat being piled up in an organ or tissue.

Who should use it?

Due to the above benefits of Inositol, it is mainly used by people who wants to lose weight, who are suffering from depression and high diabetes or cholesterol. One of the main reasons for diabetes is the over excretion of Inositol by the body. By supplementing the body with extra Inositol, it is possible to regulate its content, thus limiting diabetes.

The same can be said about cholesterol too. When this health supplement is combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet, you stand a very realistic chance of reducing cholesterol and hence lose weight.

Another area where Inositol can provide considerable relief is in its treatment of nerve pain. A lot of patients have reported alleviation in pain after starting on a regular supply of Inositol powder.

Know its variants

Scientists have been able to identify nine different variants of Inositol in the human cells. The exact nature and benefits of these variants are still a bit of a grey area, but studies are rapidly progressing in this direction.

The natural sources of Inositol consists wheat, rice, cereals, oats etc. It is also found in abundance in fruits and vegetables as well. However, the percentage of Inositol contained in these sources may not be sufficient enough to provide the desired results. This is one reason why health supplements containing Inositol have become immensely popular over the years.


Since Inositol does not fall under the category of essential nutrients, the scientific community has not declared a recommended daily allowance. The dosage also depends on the form in which this substance is consumed. The normal dosage of Inositol powder may be anywhere between 500 – 600 mg per day. However, irrespective of the form, care should be taken not to consume this ingredient in excess. A high percentage of Inositol in the body can result in lower absorption of other nutrients like calcium, iron, zinc etc.

It is advised that you maintain a close watch on your body after you start with this supplement. If you observe any visible discomforts you may consult a healthcare professional and sort out the dosage. For people who are interested in weight loss, they can check the weighing scales regularly to study the variation in weight. Nonetheless, the product may take some time before the positive effects are revealed.

Best Results

Inositol is not known to have any reported side effects when consumed within the recommended dosages. Some users have reported slight diarrhea and nausea when they initiate the supplement intake. However, this is only a minor problem when compared to the numerous benefits this wonderful health supplement offers.


Inositol is a simple use supplement that provides a host of benefits to the user. Advantages include weight loss, relief from cholesterol and diabetes, better neuro transmission, no accumulation of fat and many more. Care must be taken not to exceed the recommended dosage. Due to its wide popularity, there are quite a handful of manufacturers out there offering this product. Not all of them are good quality, original Inositol. Therefore, to get the best results from taking this nutrient, you need to ensure that you are sourcing the product from reliable sources. If you are interested in buying premium quality Inositol, please visit here. You may visit numerous blogs and forums available online and understand how to reap maximum benefits from this incredible health supplement.