Product Description

Product name:      Essential Amino Acid Blends

CAS number:       141-97-9


Product Description and back ground of use

Amino acids are essentially the most preferred health supplement for body builders. No matter which health supplement that you choose from the myriad ones out there, chances are that it will have amino acid in one form or the other. One such amino acid that has quickly become the favorite of body building enthusiasts worldwide is the Essential Amino Acid Blends or simply EAA blends.

The basic ingredients necessary for building your physique and increasing muscle mass are nitrogen, protein and amino acids. Among these, amino acids plays a very crucial role because of its ability to increase the mass of the muscle considerably in a limited period of time.

Why should you use it?

Body builders worldwide are often confused as to which body building supplement they should use. The fact that the options are aplenty and all claim to give you a ripping physique adds to the confusion. The only way to separate the chaff from the wheat is to take a closer look into the ingredients that has gone into these health supplements.

Getting your basics right is essential in making the right decision. How does your muscles develop? What can aid in this process? And what will not? When you have shortlisted a list of ingredients that falls under the above categories, you would be in a better position to make the choice.

Who should use it?

Body builders often have to adhere to strict and painful exercise regimes which calls in for regular weight lifting and other strenuous activities. Therefore, they will require more proteins and energy than normal human beings. How do they get this extra energy to cope with this tough exercise regimes? This is where Essential Amino Acid Blends comes into the picture as they can provide much needed proteins and energy for the body. This surge in energy levels can help them put up with the rigorous activities and in the process help in developing the body muscles.

Apart from body builders, Essential Amino Acid Blends are essential for long distance runners as well. Studies have shown that long distance runners can quickly deplete their amino acid reserves and it is crucial that it is replenished in a timely manner. Therefore, more and more athletes are opting for supplements with Essential Amino Acid Blends.

While normal people doing normal daily activities may find the required amounts of nutrients from their daily diet, the same cannot be said about people who undergo rigorous physical activities. Such people need regular intake of Essential Amino Acid Blends and other supplements so that their bodies does not burn out from the excessive activities.

Know its variants

There are various types of amino acids that are widely in use for various purposes. The most common among them are Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), Glutamine, Carnitine, Taurine, Arginine and other amino acid complexes.

The functionality of these types may vary and hence, you need to choose the amino acid blend ideal for your use. For instance, if you are someone who is into body building or long distance running, then understandably your preferred choice of amino acid should be Essential Amino Acid Blends.


The quantity of Essential Amino Acid Blends that an individual should consume depends entirely on his physical straits, activities and nutrient level. There is no recommended dosage that will work for all. It is ideal to consult a professional who will assess your need for amino acids and accordingly prescribe a dosage that will be right for you. Alternatively, you can also consult with your coach or gym instructors, provided they are adequately qualified for that sort of thing.

Best Results

For your body building activities to bear positive results, you need to provide your body adequate nutrients before putting them through the stress and strain of toilsome exercise regimes. Assess the amino acid requirement, and stick to the dosage of Essential Amino Acid Blends for best results.

However, if you have a history of heart problems, it is ideal to consult a physician before you start on a diet of Essential Amino Acid Blends.


Essential Amino Acid Blends are a reliable, affordably and extremely effective supplement for body builders and athletes. Various studies have confirmed their positive impact on muscle development and overall body building. However, make sure you source your Essential Amino Acid Blends from a trusted source. You can buy high quality, original Essential Amino Acid Blends here.