Product Description

Product name:      Egg Protein Concentrate

CAS number:       12650-88-3


Egg protein has always been in used as a source of high protein, hence they are increasingly been used by body builders to build muscles. Invariably, they find a place in most of the body building health supplements available in the market today. When compared to dairy and soy products, which can cause allergy in some people, egg protein doesn’t have any such problems. It can be consumed by all and sundry, and hence is easily the most popular fitness supplement available today. Therefore, if you are serious about improving your physique or build your body muscles, you should seriously consider including egg protein in your daily diet.

Why should you use it?

There are various studies that have concluded that egg proteins can fasten the muscle protein synthesis and thereby increase your muscle growth. Studies have been able to attribute this characteristic to the high levels of amino acid Leucine present in egg proteins. Normally, it has anywhere between 8 to 10% of this amino acid. Leucine plays a major role in converting the energy generated from the meal into energy. When compared to other sources of protein like soy and wheat protein, egg proteins has about 20% more quantity of Leucine.

Therefore, if your ultimate objective is to achieve or increase lean body mass, egg protein should be trusted compatriot.

Who should use it?

As established above, egg protein should be consumed by anyone who wants to increase their muscle mass and improve lean body mass. However, body builders and athletes are not the only one mad over egg proteins. They are widely used in baking and confection as well. It has high whipping properties thereby generating more foam which is an important feature of such products.

Since egg proteins are easily digestible, they are quickly absorbed by the body. This large absorption of amino acids and proteins can result in your muscles receiving more energy, thereby increasing the muscle mass. The dosage that will give the optimum results may vary with individuals.

Egg proteins are also used by people who want to weight loss. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true. Research has proved that consuming egg protein passes the signal to your brain that the stomach is full. This will considerably reduce the intermittent intake of food, which is one reason for weight gain. This is a sure shot way to lose weight without having to starve your way through inhuman diet plans.

Know its variants

It should be kept in mind that egg proteins are NOT the largest source of leucine. In fact, that coveted position goes to whey protein which has around 11% leucine amino acid. However, the side effects caused by excess consumption of whey protein can far outweigh its advantages. The same applies for dairy products and people who are lactose intolerant. All these people can take refuge in egg proteins, which do not have any side effects and can be consumed by one and all.


So how much egg protein should you consume? Well, this completely depends on the individual. There is no one-dosage-fits-all when it comes to egg proteins. The best about this supplement is that it can be consumed anytime of the day and with almost anything. There are a lot of body builders who consume this immediately before and after a workout session. This is the time when the muscles are ripe for mass increase, however, you are free to consume it other times too. Since they are easily absorbed by the body, most body building health supplements combine various other ingredients with egg proteins.

Consuming a dose of 5 to 10 gms immediately after workout is known to provide considerable muscle mass improvement. There is no harm in boosting it up a little if possible. The affordability of this supplement makes it all the more preferable for people.

Best Results

For best results, stick to a recommended dosage and make sure you buy original, high quality egg proteins. Work out regularly, maintain a proper and healthy diet and try to stay away from unnecessary strain. This will ensure that you can get the best out of the egg proteins.


Egg protein is a rich source of high protein which is affordable as well. The fact that it has absolutely no side effects adds to its attraction. You can buy original and high quality Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL Malate here.