Product Description

Product name:      Dextrose Monohydrate

CAS number:       50-99-7

Chemical formula:  C6H12O6


What is Dextrose? It is simply glucose in a molecular form which can be transferred by blood to various parts of the body. Many people use the terms glucose and Dextrose interchangeably which is factually wrong. Glucose has another variant, namely L-glucose, which does not have many properties that makes Dextrose a must-have for sports enthusiasts.

If you ask around, you will realize that Dextrose is widely used by people who want to improve their performance in endurance exercises. Studies have shown that the more dextrose we have in our body, the more energetic feel and the more active you can be in exercises. This is one reason why health supplements containing dextrose has become very popular these days. It not only provides the body with the much needed energy required for endurance exercises, it can also keep fatigue at bay, which is equally important.

Why should you use it?

The best part about Dextrose is that it can be easily absorbed by the body just like all other carbohydrates. Therefore, athletes and sports people tend to take this supplement right before they commence a training session. This way, they can ensure that their body will have sustained levels of energy throughout the workout period. It does not have any side effects and can be consumed by people of all ages.

There are various dextrose based sports supplements available in the market today. Ask around to identify the best one of the lot. You can ask your friends or sports coach for recommendations. Alternatively, you can tap into the immense potential of the internet and do a research of your own to find out high quality supplements containing dextrose which will keep you energetic.

Who should use it?

Due to its quick energy imparting properties, it should be used by athletes and sports people regularly. It can also be used by people who tend to get tired pretty soon. The high energy levels it provide is a quick fix solution for fatigue as well.

Another important feature of dextrose based sports supplements that has found a lot of takers is the fact that it can faster the growth as well as the repair of your body muscles. This is in addition to its fast replenishing of depleted glycogen levels.

Dextrose is produced by the body during the production of Adenosine Triphosphate, commonly known as ATP. The more ATP your produce, more the levels of dextrose and hence, sustained stamina and increased performance.

There is no fixed time to take your Dextrose supplements. It can be taken before, during or after your training session. Since it is absorbed almost immediately, the improvement in performance is quick and hence highly desirable for sports persons.

Know its variants

Dextrose is a monosaccharide and is a type of glucose. A lot of doubts exist regarding its use for body building. Some people are worried that the excess calories it induced might ultimately result in weight gain, which is highly undesirable for sports people. Another concern is that the external addition of glucose into the body can affect the levels of insulin and hence the liver and pancreas. You should understand that dextrose based sports supplements contains only natural glucose, which will be immediately absorbed by the body. They don’t have any sort of side effect if its consumption is combined with rigorous endurance exercises.


Since it has wide and varying applications, it is difficult to specify a particular dosage that will work for all. In fact, the amount of Dextrose you can consume depends entirely on your workout regime, your protein intake and diet. If you consume more carbohydrates and protein as part of your regular diet, you may need only a small amount of Dextrose. In case you are not comfortable proceeding without expert advice, you can always consult a professional and determine the exact dosage that will work for you.

Best Results

There are a lot of trainers and coaches that vouch to the excellent performances induced by Dextrose. They feel that the results are more pronounced when the Dextrose shake is consumed post work out. Although there is very few scientific studies supporting this fact, the general consensus is that it should be taken after your work out session. When there are so many people vouching for that, why differ?


Dextrose is an excellent, performance oriented ingredient that can improve your performance by increasing the energy levels. Visit here to find out more about Dextrose sports supplements.